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Getting Started in Real Estate Foreclosure Investing

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With the increase in Real Estate property appreciation rates across America, a prospective foreclosure buyer may want to fix up a property to improve its value to live in, to rent out or to resell. The strategy a buyer pursues will determine which foreclosure property to buy and the location.


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Deciding to Invest in Real Estate Foreclosure Investing

With the increase in Real Estate property appreciation rates across America, a prospective foreclosure buyer may want to fix up a property to improve its value to live in, to rent out or to resell. The strategy a buyer pursues will determine which foreclosure property to buy and the location.

For example with San Diego, California's media home prices topping at $500K+, a couple might not be in a position to afford a home of their own in San Diego, California. Yet, might be able to purchase a foreclosure property in another area or state with lower housing prices but in a faster growing market or with better future appreciation growth potential; when the property increases it's value in a few years time, sale of the property could provide the necessary capital to purchase in the San Diego area.

Locating Foreclosure Properties

Finding foreclosure properties can be done by visiting the local recorder's office and making photocopies, since listings are added on a daily basis, this can be daunting.

Using the internet, a number of web sites allow searches by state, county, city, and zipcode. All the sites listed below offer listings for a fee. Take advantage of the free trial period offered to fully evaluate thier listings. The sites should offer the latest listings with daily/monthly updates.

Determining the Distressed Property Valuation

Once you have identified a foreclosure property of interest in an area you have researched, determining the value proposition will determine whether or not to continue. The determination will be influenced by your investment strategy, i.e., whether you wish to live in, to rent out or to resell are factors to consider as well as your investment time frame.

The first step in foreclosure property valuation is the obtain information regarding the area. A number of web sites offer free sales comparables or "comps". This information greatly assists in determing the property value.

Securing Financing

Due to the quick window of opportunity a foreclosure presents, it is important for a potential buyer to be pre-qualified before engaging in Real Estate Foreclosure Investing.

Also, knowing the amount of monies available to the investor can be a guide to locating areas within the U.S. that are with the the investment range

Being pre-qualified allows the buyer to be in a financial position to purchase the foreclosure property. Pre-qualification provides an important edge in competitive markets. Once approved, financing in-hand makes negotiations easier.

Finding and working with Real Estate Agents

The single most important aspect of foreclosure investing involves finding and working with a Real Estate agent.

If a foreclosure property is being considered out of the area or state, then working with a local agent in that area -who can advise on the condition, knowledgable about the growth potential, advise on local conditions, is an important relationship to develop.

Since a majority of Real Estate agents focus on "traditional" real estate transactions, mentioning "foreclosures" might cause them to balk at potentially working with an prospective investor; Therefore, educating the agent on the opportunity of working with you is important.

“Buyer’s representatives” have the home buyer’s interests at heart, and are charged with finding the right property and negotiating the best price for their clients. Picking the right real estate agent will make a buyer’s life much easier. There are agents who specialize in the foreclosure market, with specific experience in REO properties.

Look for an agent with foreclosure transaction experience, as well as knowledge of local, regional and state laws. But it’s also important to consider the agent’s knowledge of the area; their ability to close a deal; and their access to other professionals (attorneys, lenders, mortgage and title professionals) to ensure that the buyer is in good hands.

Making an Offer

Once you have determined the property valuation, researched the area and appreciation growth potential, and established a relationship with a Real Estate agent making an offer amount somewhere below the market value is the final step.

If the property is bank owned (REO), you could prepare an offer similar to a typical purchase offer, contingent on a full inspection and title search.

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Bad Credit Unsecured Loans

If your credit history is considered poor and you wish to apply for a loan, there are some lenders who will work with you to secure an unsecured loan. However, with an unsecured bad credit loan, the amount you borrow will be low, and the lender will first have to see just how bad your credit is before making a decision on an exact amount.

There are a couple of reasons why it is a good idea to apply for an unsecured loan if your credit is poor. The first is that you can apply for the loan that you need. Second, by making payments on time, your credit score will go up. When your credit score goes up, you become less of a credit risk. In order to apply for a bad credit unsecured loan, you must be 18 years old, be in a job for at least three months and have a good repayment record on your credit ratings for at least six months. The interest rate would depend on how much you borrow and the period you plan to pay it back over.

Bad credit unsecured loans are good for a couple of reasons. First, you have the opportunity to apply for the loan you need. Secondly, by making regular payments on your loan, you begin to repair your credit score proving to any future financial lenders that you are not posing a risk to them. In order to apply for a bad credit unsecured loan, you might be 18 years old, be in a job for at least three months and have a good repayment record on your credit rating for at least six months. The interest rate would depend on how much you borrow and the period you plan to pay it back over.

Bad Credit Loan

Bad Credit Loans are specially designed for individuals who are facing problems with their credit history. Bad credit loans help to cater the monetary requirements of borrowers who are having a bad credit history. Most money lenders tend not to provide loan facility for those who are having a poor credit rating. But nowadays there are several firms offering bad credit loans for almost any purpose such as bad credit car loans, bad credit personal loans, bad credit home loans and more. However, most money lenders will charge higher interest rates for bad credit loans because of the risk inherent in offering loans to people with bad credit.

How bad credit is occurred

A person is considered with a bad credit history if he/she has previously taken loans and had trouble in making repayments in a timely manner, thus entitling him/herself with a poor credit score. Credit score is a rating which represents the financial credit worthiness of a person. A credit score of 720 and above is considered as a good one, while a credit score of 600 or less is considered as poor credit score. A credit score is usually calculated based on the following parameters – payment history, outstanding debts, length of credit history, new credit, and types of credit used). That is, an individual will be labeled bad credit if he/she is default in making repayments, has huge outstanding debts, or have previously filed for bankruptcy. Bad credit loan is a ray of hope for such people who are suffering from bad credit.

Types of Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are mainly available in two types – secured bad credit loans and unsecured bad credit loans.

Secured bad credit loans are offered only after the borrowers agree to render any collateral against the loan amount. The collateral can be anything such as property or vehicle which has the same or higher value as the loan amount. Generally secured bad credit loans are available at lower interest rates and low monthly installments when compared with unsecured bad credit loans.

On the other hand, unsecured bad credit loans are loans which are given to the borrower without providing any security. As these loans are provided without any security, unsecured bad credit loans are given at a higher interest rate as the risk involved is higher.

Repayment terms

Generally, most money lenders offer bad credit loans for five to twenty five years. However, it is advisable to settle for a shorter possible period of repayment. This helps you to reduce the financial burden and finish the repayment duration easily. By making repayments correctly you can improve your credit rating and the next time when you look for a loan or credit you can easily get it at a lower interest level.

Advantages of Bad Credit Loans

Though bad credit loans posses a higher interest rate than ordinary loans, bad credit loans are one of the easiest ways to get credit for those with bad credit. Another major advantage is that bad credit loans are an ideal way to improve the damaged credit rating of an individual. One can improve his credit rating by making payments in a timely manner and avoiding dues. By improving their credit rating a borrower can get loans at a lower interest rate the next time he/she looks for a loan.

Where to look for Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are offered by several money lenders and financial establishments. Nowadays there are several companies offering online bad credit loans. Finding online bad credit loans are quite easy, what you need is to make a good research in the internet and find one which suits your needs. The interest rates purely depend on your credit score. You can ask these companies for providing online loan quotes. This helps you to know the interest rates, repayment terms, and monthly payment amount you need to pay for your loan. Compare the quotes of various lenders and select one which best suits your needs. Remember, getting a bad credit loan is the first step towards improving your bad credit rating. And better you don't miss it!

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Buying land for sale is a worthy investment

The richest men in the world including Donald Trump and Howard Hughes have made billions investing in land for sale. Actually most investors have made fortune in land for sale. So if this idea has never crossed your mind then it is time to get a closer look at land for sale as an investment because it can produce great returns at very low risk.

Most investors have bought land for sale in the UK and this business has been a very profitable one making triple digit returns just in a few years. Many companies specialized in land have made it possible for foreign and UK investors to buy land for sale in UK with just $10,000.

If you are interested in investing by buying land for sale in the UK here are some hints of how you should get started.

UK land is a better investment than other (like properties, equities and derivatives) because the risk one takes is smaller in this case. Business with land for sale in the UK is and will be a good investment in the near future. Prices grow more and more everyday because UK is one of the most populated countries in Europe. The growth in population increases the pressure on house demand, so the investment business with land for sale in the UK can only profit from this aspect. The last few years, the land for sale in UK, near the city areas, has given investors a good opportunity to gain a lot in a short time.

If you want to know the secrets of capital growth through land for sale investments then you should keep on reading. The most important thing to keep in mind is the location. If you are looking to purchase a land for sale then you should buy one that will get a planning permission in the future. When you invest in a land for sale, your capital is guaranteed as soon as you obtain permission in building houses. The trick is that even if it sounds easy there is no guarantee that you will obtain the planning permission.

So there are some downsides but they are limited. There is no certainty that investing in land for sale in UK or any other country will make your capital grow. Land’s value may not increase as much as you expect, but statistics show that land prices do grow so the risk is limited. On the other hand, land companies give investors the opportunity to turn their purchased land into money by giving them “buy back options”. This means that they can liquidate and bank their money quickly. So, the risks are reduced even more and it is very likely for the investor to gain profit.

This method -- of buying land for sale in order to gain profit (called land banking)-- is the easiest one because all one has to remember is to buy land for sale in the best location, obtain the planning permission and the investment is guaranteed.
In conclusion, investing in land for sale in UK or in other countries is a perfect example of how investors can triple their capital in a short amount of time, with low downside risks.

All You Need To Know – Secured Personal Loans

These days things are changing drastically. And it is not a result of any chance, it is a result of the natural progression of the money which is spreading in the market.

That money can be put to good use if the people utilize it properly and one proper way to utilize it would be to take that money as a secured personal loan.

A secured personal loan is a loan which is offered to people of various profiles, it could be a businessman, a layman or of any other profile. They provide an opportunity to people to face up with their problems and in most cases help in finding a solution for that.

Secured personal loans are generally taken for the following reasons such as:

• For home improvement
• For debt consolidation
• For wedding purposes
• For business reasons or for
• Educational purposes

The list can also vary with the profile and also the need of the hour for the person who borrows the loan.

Why secured personal loans are generally considered a better option than any other loans in that category is because of its features. Secured personal loans provide such excellent features that it becomes hard for any potential borrower to overlook its viability and their uses. Some of the features of secured personal loans are:

• Secured personal loans as the name suggest are offered when a buyer offers a security to a lender, this brings about a level of security for both parties.
• Secured personal loans are generally cheaper than any other loans.
• Secured business loans also provide other features as well i.e. low monthly repayments and a long repayment period.
• Secured personal loans are more flexible than any other loan.
• Secured personal loans are also available to people who have history of bad credit. With these loans it is an option available to them for reaching their targets.

Looking at these features it is not that hard to imagine why more and more public in UK are looking towards secured personal loans as a possible solution for their financial needs.

Another thing that goes in favor of the secured personal loans is the ease with which one can apply to the loans. All that is required to be done is just estimate your requirement and apply for the loan through a source that is most comfortable to you.

Secured Personal Loans have proven to be one very important discovery for everyone, as these have proved their mettle and help many people in trouble. So people who find themselves in that situation can take these loans for their benefit as well.

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Is it hard to get rich? Not really, if you’re young.

Its fun to play with financial calculators and see what might happen.

Assume you have just graduated from college, are about 22 years old and I just started your first real job. If you put $100 a month in an IRA that grows at 10% a year, you will have about $865,000 at age 65. 10% a year compound growth is about what you should exect if the money was invested in a no-load S&P 500 Index Fund.

So for about $23 a week or $3.30 a day you would be close to being a millionaire.

If you contributed the full $4000 a year allowed right now to an IRA (rising to $5000 in 2008), you would have $2,600,000. For about $11.00 a day, you would have a small fortune.

If you didn’t want to take a chance with the stock market because it goes down sometimes, you would still have over $600,000 if you could get a 5% return.

If your grandmother leaves you $10,000 in her will and you invest it for the same 43 years at 10% without adding another cent, you’d also have over $600,000 if you placed it in a tax sheltered account.

Time and the power of compound interest are on your side. So if you’re in you twenties and want to get rich, do whatever you have to scrape together that IRA contribution. Every day you procrastinate is another day your money is not working for you.

However, most people in their twenties need the money for more important things, like new cars and HDTV’s. You also have school loans to pay, children to raise and the new mortgage to pay off. But if you prioritize your life and stick to a budget, $11.00 a day is doable, although you might have to scrimp here and there.

Consider that most people are spending their lives paying the freight for borrowing other people’s money. If you save and invest, other people are paying you to use your money. It’s a lot more fun to see your money working to help you get rich than
having to work yourself.

Think about the effect expenditures have on your financial future. If you bought a late model used car instead of new one, you would probably save $10,000 or more depending on the model. That $10,000 as noted above, would grow to almost $600,000 by the time you’re 65 if invested in tax sheltered accounts.

Now look at it from the opposite angle, the extra money you spend on that new car you yearn for and must have now, will cost you $600,000 by the time you’re 65
and the car has long since been recycled into tin cans.

I’d probably buy the car too, but it’s useful to consider the consequences.

It gets harder to get rich slowly as you get older. If you wait until you’re 32 and put away $4000 at 10%, you would have about $975,000, still a respectable amount.
At 42, you’d only be able to accumulate approximately $350,000. If you’re 50 and
can start putting $5000 away today, you’ll have around $175,000 at age 65.

Everyone knows that Social Security is not going to allow for a comfortable retirement. Even if the plan can continue to pay out forever, which is questionable right now, the money you receive will be far from generous and is subject to taxation. And you might have a good pension plan at work now, but will you be able to hold your current job to

If you have a Roth IRA, you can withdraw the money tax free after age 59 ½. Imagine having a million tax free dollars you can play with. It will well make up for the small sacrifices you have to make to get rich.

No matter what your age, start saving what you can now - today. Even if you only amass $100,000, you’ll be better off than most people entering retirement.

Achieve Everything With Bad Credit Personal Loans

Loans in today’s world are a great help to people in fact it would be almost impossible to think of a world without giving and receiving of the loans.

Loans are a great help to people these days as well and one of the popular options is that of the personal loans. Personal loans are a greater help to people who have had bad credit history i.e. people like:

• CCJs
• IVAs
• Defaults
• Arrears
• Late payments
• People who have filled for bankruptcy

People with these profiles are considered to be ones who have bad credit history.

Bad credit history is a result of people not being able to make scheduled repayments or not being able to make any repayments when they took the loan previously. Bad credit people were previously not provided with loans but growing competition customer is the king. A person can easily apply for bad credit personal loans.

A potential borrower may need a bad credit personal loan for following reasons:

• For home improvement
• For business reasons
• For debt consolidation, or for many other reasons

There are many lenders which are available to provide you with the bad credit personal loans. All a borrower on his part needs to do is get his credit score calculated which is an estimate of the financial credit worthiness from any credit rating agency available. A score which gets the bad credit rating is one which is below or at 600. However even in bad credit if you have a respectable score you can get decent terms from your borrower.

A borrower looking for bad credit personal loan can get loan in two forms i.e. secured bad credit personal loans or unsecured bad credit personal loans. The difference between these two loans is that in secured loans the borrower needs to provide collateral to the creditor and in unsecured loan there is no such requirements. The benefits of those loans are similar apart from the fact that in secured loans you may be offered better terms than in unsecured loans due to absence of risk factor for the creditor but then in unsecured loan there is no risk for the borrower.

A borrower may choose any form of bad credit personal loan one offer he is definitely going to get is that he can improve his credit score and get normal terms for the loan next time.

A personal loan is wanted by most people that is why lenders in order to maximize their earnings are offering these loans but with such stiff competition customer gets all the benefits. That is how it has become easier for people with bad credit history to apply for personal loans.


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